Fachportal zur Geschichte und Kultur der Deutschen in Kaukasien


The project would not have been possible without the support of the Federal Foreign Office and the German Embassy in Baku. We are very grateful to them. 

In order to complete this website and the digital archive we need more supporters, though. We'd like to ask descendants of Caucasus Germans to open their archives to digitalisation or help us get interviews with contemporary witnesses. Only history that is remembered can influence the discourse. 

We would also welcome any support from institutions and private individuals who would like to sponsor projects that preserve German heritage in the region. Especially the establishment of a "Swabian Museum" in the historic house of Viktor Klein in Helendorf/Göygöl is in dire need of help. With the help of the GIZ (German Association for International Cooperation), we completed an inventory, but the museum concept has yet to be realized. 

If you are interested, please contact the chair for "History of Azerbaijan" at Humboldt university and EuroKaukAsia e.V.: 

Kultur- und Wissenschaftsverein EuroKaukAsia e.V.
c/o Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Auch
or: auchevam@hu-berlin.de