Fachportal zur Geschichte und Kultur der Deutschen in Kaukasien

About us

EuroKaukAsia e.V., a society for culture and science in the Caucasus region, and the chair for "History of Azerbaijan" at Humboldt university in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Auch, have been researching the history of the Caucasus German for many years. This research and resulting publications as well as material from private archives formed the basis for the information presented on this website. Added to that are pictures from the travelling exhibition "Beyond borders – Germans searching for a home between Württemberg and the Caucasus", which is being exhibited from 2017 to 2019 in Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Ukraine and has been produced in co-operation with Dr. M. Nawroth (Foundation for Prussian Cultural Heritage) and the Culture Forum for Eastern Europe (Ariane Asfari).