Fachportal zur Geschichte und Kultur der Deutschen in Kaukasien

15. House of Viktor Klein


Josua und Lydia Klein mit Tochter (1910)Viktor Klein (1935-2007)

was the son of Lilli J. Klein (1903-1992) and physician Pavel J. Perepelicin (1901-1977). He was mostly raised by his grandfarther Josua Klein and his wife Lydia (née Vollmer).

Because his father was of Polish descent, he wasn’t deported in October 1941, remaining in Helenendorf/Chanlar with his mother.

In his will, he left his house to the German embassy in Baku. Today the Ministry for Culture and Tourism in Azerbaijan administers the house and plans to turn it into a “Swabian Museum” in cooperation with the GIZ and “EuroKaukAsia e.V.”.