Fachportal zur Geschichte und Kultur der Deutschen in Kaukasien

14. School

About the development of the education system: 

Helendorf's primary school

1819                            “Edification classes for youths” are held under the direction of Johannes J. Kraus.
1821 Writing, religion and math is taught in the first prayer house. 
1834 The rectory is built. 
1842 The first primary school opens. 
1890s Establishment of a middle school that opens the way for students to high school and then secondary education, including universities in Germany. 
1912 Founding of a trade school. 
October 1917 Lessons start in the new high school that is housed in the old rectory.  
After 1919

For the first time, students earn qualifications that allow them to attend university.

1920-1924  Increasingly, daughters and sons of the colony, as well as young Azeris, are send to German universities. 
1920-1926 With the help of the Concordia union, teachers from Germany are hired and German textbooks imported. By this time, the schools have added laboratories, three libraries, a kindergarten, an exercise field and school garden with greenhouses. 
 1938 Lessons may not be conducted in German anymore as the education system has been adjusted to the Soviet one and become russified.